The Concepts

Founded with the aim of realizing your culinary fantasies.

Our projects are based on gastronomic heritage with the Greek, Japanese, Peruvian & Nikkei experience!

We offer consultancy in menu design and kitchen planning to bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs etc.

Our lab will cater any culinary need you may have. Let me show you my world!

Japanese Experience (Psychiko, Kolonaki, Vouliagmeni, London)

A true homage to the diversity of Japanese food by proposing flavors that are once familiar yet adventurous and unexpected.


Peruvian Experience (Mykonos, Cyclades)

The term Mistura condenses the essence of a reflection of Peruvian people and the country’s cuisine, a marvelous mix of cultures of invaluable heritage. Mistura captures the multicultural spirit of Peru, blending its gastronomic heritage with the Japanese influences that embody the country’s vibrant cuisine.


Nikkei Experience (Kifissia, Athens)

The first touch with the Nikkei cuisine in Greece! An Asian culinary experience as dynamic as the country it celebrates and its biodiversity.


JSP Experience

In the Nikkei, Spain is added to the mix. The Nikkei, as the Japanese immigrants were known, founded a homonymous cuisine in their new homeland: a blend of Japanese-Peruvian fare. At length, the JSP experience concludes with a journey to Spain! Great comfort food on a late-night bar.