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Dimitris Katrivesis

I cook what I am.. Cooking is a process which not only requires much attention to detail, but also the will to take risks. To be focused, as much as being creative. The Chef interacts with all the ingredients and combines them to make them better, his place being in between traditional cooking and artistic expression. Cooking requires one's good grasp on reality and a kind attitude towards everything, as a way of life, being ready to apply your personality. To know the rules, to make them yours, so that you can go beyond them. Next to beautifully executed dish, the best pages written by our greatest writers seem inadequate, the best musical compositions seem weak and tasteless, what I mean to say is, a beautifully executed dish leaves the experience of a textile or a melody reduced. A dish, a great dish, is the most complex work of art, as it should appeal to all five senses and, once devoured, it must remain in memory like a painting, a melody, or a beautiful view. The kitchen is taste and zest, and the reason I cook is to make the world happier. Welcome to my world.